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Mount Galatea Hat - Cinnamon

Mount Galatea Hat - Cinnamon


This hat can be ordered with pompom or with NO pompom.

Reversible hat can be worn 4 ways:
1-with pompom.
2-with NO pompom.
3-reversed side with pompom.
4-reversed side with NO pompom.

Pompom with shoelace attachment for ease of flexibility & comfort.

Folded & doubled up material for extra comfort and warmth: cable pattern knit on outside, 2x2 rib on inside, lurex on color white only.

Somehow, this hat finds a way to both feel comfortable and look dressy at the same time. The cable design pattern, the soothing colors and the fit are the reasons why. 

Materials: 58% viscose - 25% acrylic - 13% polyamide - 4% angora.
Pompom: Genuine Raccoon fur.

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