Who We Are

Lisa Nye-Labonte:

Lisa has always been active.  Whether it's been in business, raising her 3 children, travelling the world or hanging out in her vibrant community.  She is a strong believer in getting outdoors and having fun with family and friends as the key to good health and happiness.  She loves being her own boss and contributing to a very successful community. VAMOS is her pride and joy and loves seeing happy faces on her customers every day.


Kathy Priddle:

Whenever possible, Kathy and her husband to trek unbeaten paths in less-explored Canada and throughout other countries.  Camping, hiking and getting out on the water whenever she can always makes her day. She helps merchandise the shop to make it look great and is dedicated to helping people find the apparel they need to for their own adventures or lifestyle.


Nancy Reside:

With a passion for people, places, travel and the outdoors, Nancy takes great joy in helping customers get ready for that special trip or event. Her diverse experience in skiing, biking, kayaking, tennis and gardening will serve you well when searching for the perfect piece of clothing for your next activity. And as Almonte’s unofficial goodwill ambassador, you can count on great tips from Nancy when exploring all Almonte has to offer. 

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